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We don’t look for 'influencers', just genuine people who have a love and respect for the outdoors. People who believe in us and our products. Is that you? Then let's get WILD. Apply Now!

Say Shwmae to Carys! @this.girlwalks

Originally from Carmarthenshire, Carys been living in Cardiff for around 20 years. She is an avid hiker, who absolutely loves the great outdoors but has a self-confessed terrible sense of direction. Carys has very cleverly created guides with plotted OS Maps (which is basically like following a sat nav system) to all of her recommended walks in and around South Wales (Photography by: @sinmhart). You can follow Carys on Instagram @this.girlwalks  or check out her website here and get walking! 

Not only does Carys use her vast walking experience to help you plan your route, but she also shares very helpful hints and tips from what to pack in your bag, to what you should wear on your adventures, approx how many calories you will burn and estimated walk completion time. All in all, she's a life saver! Carys even gives you a brief history outline of the area and landmarks you will pass on route. What more could you want? 

So, what does Carys think about Bare and Wild? 

"In my younger years I was definitely guilty of fast fashion and keeping up with the trends. Buying a new top every weekend, however, often they were cheaply made and would only last a couple of washes. Now, I’m a lot more careful about the clothing I buy and I have some items which I’ve worn for decades. I’ve been following @bybareandwild for a while and honestly adore their ethos. Their clothes are either 100% organic cotton or made with recycled materials, their packaging is biodegradable and even the labels and brand stickers are recyclable. Emily has thought of every detail and is really going that extra mile to protect our beautiful planet." 

Say Hello to Steve! @steve_adventures_

A true Newcastle local, Steve has lived there most of his life apart from a few years away living in Northumberland. It was in 2018 when he discovered his love for the great outdoors and mountains. Steve wanted to get over his fear of heights which was gradually becoming worse, to the point where it was even preventing him from driving over bridges. He climbed his first mountain (Ben Nevis, Scotland - 1,345 metres above sea level) to test out how he would cope and he completely fell in love with the challenge of hiking and climbing mountains. Since then he has taken on the National Three Peaks a couple of times, with an impressive PB of 18 hours 15 minutes. He has also undertaken the Yorkshire Three Peaks a number of times and achieved a PB of 6 hours and 30 minutes. As you'll see on his Instagram, Steve tries to challenge himself as much as possible and helps other people embrace the outdoors, he promotes a key focus on improving their mental health and wellbeing.

As well as his own Instagram @steve_adventures_, Steve run's an Instagram hiking group @newcastle_hiking and has also co-created @greenprescriptions where people are encouraged to get outdoors safely to help improve their mental health as well as a hosting podcast to talk about how and why people got started in their pursuit of outdoor adventure - which we LOVE and highly recommend, check out the podcast here!

So, what does Steve think about Bare and Wild? 

"I'm really impressed with the clothing. Designs are really good and eye catching, quality is great and the ethos of the brand is something I am 100% behind. I'm looking forward to seeing more new designs and knowing everything is either 100% organic or recycled gives piece of mind knowing @bybareandwild are doing everything they can and more to offer great clothing whilst protecting our home"

Say Shwmae to Sian! @_sian.thomas_

Here is Sian - a Carmarthenshire girl through and through. She adores the outdoors and when she isn’t in her office job day to day, she’s out exploring and seeking new adventures in Wales! She’s normally found on a mountain side or beach front and loves nothing more than chasing beautiful sunsets as you'll see on her instagram @_sian.thomas_not only will you see some of the magnificent places she’s been able to capture, but also her very cute adventure buddy - her dog Tobie (we do love a pooch here at Bare and Wild). He’s the best sidekick and recently climbed his first mountain, so we can't wait to see where they venture to together next! Sian's true passion though is photography and she never leaves the house without her camera. With so many spectacular and breathtaking locations to choose from in Wales, honing in on her photography skills is never a chore. If you check out her Instagram feed @welshgirl.captures you'll see exactly what we mean, her shots are incredible!

Sian is also a member of the Explore Wales and Wales Explorers teams on Instagram which she loves being a part of. They’re a wonderful way to showcase the beauty of Wales along with the awesome adventurers who explore it, so definitely hit the link and check them out to inspire your next adventure in wales! 

It's Louise! (but you can call her Lou) @viewswithlou

Louise's first time properly walking was in November 2019, with a friend from work, to Ingleton Waterfalls. The weather wasn’t the best but the trail itself was amazing. At this point Louise was about 20kg heavier and that was the starting point of journey to changing her mentality and pushing herself to become a fitter and healthier version of herself.

It wasn't long before Louise ventured on her second hike to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in August 2020 (She really jumped in at the deep end there). Louise and a friend had some time off work and decided to give it a go, we LOVE the spontaneity! It was both physically and mentally challenging for Louise, especially having not done anything like that before but she was so glad she did and has never regretted it as it really gave her the hiking bug. 

More recently, as you'll see on her Instagram @viewswithlou, Louise has been able to start ticking off more places in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales, and even started wild swimming! (which we only wish we had the courage to do, maybe one day...) If you are in need of inspiration to get outdoors and explore nature to challenge yourself or even just become a happier, healthier version of you, we highly recommend you follow Louise and her journey! She is an absolute inspiration and we couldn't be happier to have her as part of the Bare and Wild team!

The one and only, Stacey! @wales_on_my_doorstep

It’s been a long time coming and she’s always really been a part of it, but we are stoked to make it official and have @wales_on_my_doorstep be part of the Bare & Wild family!

So let us tell you a little something about and introduce you to Stacey, although you may already recognise her for her signature locks (which in high winds are extremely violent.. some of you will have first hand experience of this) and sunset chasing antics but here goes…

Stacey started documenting her outdoor adventures on Instagram in 2019 and soon found that she had a real passion for creating engaging content and consequently her online following grew. You can usually find her hiking in the mountains, capturing sunsets on the beach or seeking out hidden waterfalls. Stacey promotes everything Wales and perfectly demonstrates why it is such a beautiful country, after all there is so much to explore, and all on our doorstep.

Give it up for Emily! @trigsandteeth

Emily who is better known in the world of Instagram as @trigsandteeth is a part time primary school teacher and full time Adventurer! A recently qualified Hill and Moorland Leader and loves anything that gets her heart beating and adrenaline pumping. You'll mostly find her trail running, hiking, climbing or wild swimming in the Peak District where she lives with her husband and 2 children who often join in on her adventuring (we do love a family affair)

Emily also loves her second home - a caravan on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, which gives her another base for exploring the coast and the mountains in Snowdonia. You can follow Emily's adventures on Instagram @trigsandteeth (named after her love of a trigpoint and her big cheesy grin!)

So, what does Emily think of Bare and Wild?

"I absolutely love this brand! The trigbagging tank is obviously my fave but all the clothing I have is so comfortable and great quality. I'm over the moon to be part of the team!"

Please join us in welcoming Emily to our little but growing family, she’s been a long time supporter of our independent little brand which is just one of the many reasons we are a big fan. We are sure you all will be too! Show her all the love.

Let's hear a big Shwmae for Ben! @ben_m_barrow

You'll generally find him amongst the breathtaking Snowdonia scenery, Ben is 29 from North wales, he met his partner of 6 years now whilst working as a Support Worker for young adults with disabilities and soon decided they wanted to travel. Off they went to Australia and worked on dairy farms, 5 years later they are still farming following Aus they ventured over to New Zealand to explore and farm different lands before returning to Aus for another year. Whilst away Ben purchased his first camera and just took photos of anything and everything. He started to take photography more seriously and willingly waits hours for the perfect shot - you can check out some of Bens incredible shots on his Instagram @ben_m_barrow

Returning form Australia at the end of 2020, Ben and his partner recently finished their first calving season here in the UK near a beautiful little town called Tutbury. Having always been an outdoors guy, Ben actually wanted to go into the military as a combat medic but due to health problems back in 2010 was unable to do so. With home being so close to Snowdonia, there is always a new adventure or somewhere to explore and since returning from travelling and having more time at home due to covid, it has made him even more passionate about photography and hiking.

Ben and one of his close friends recently completed the Welsh3000 which is 15 mountains over 24 hours but realistically took more like 2 days after pulling out his camera out at every opportunity. With restrictions now lifting and travel back on the cards we can’t wait to see where Ben travels next!